2 Strategic Imperatives for 2017 Marketing

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The vision that we have at Signal for our technology is really centered around a couple of different things. One, it’s about being able to recognize our customer no matter what kind of channel they’re coming in. That’s the first thing. The second thing, which has really guided a lot of our decisions, is really around making things real-time and instant so that when we see any kind of customer intent across any channel, that we’re able to quickly move it through the system and immediately take action on that. And that’s being able to do that no matter what channel, no matter what action, really guides all of our decisions.

At Signal, what we do is we work directly with brands that really want to have a deep connection with their customer. The problem that a lot of brands have faced is as mobile apps and different ways of interacting with that brand, as those have proliferated, they’re having a hard time keeping up with their customer and delivering the right message and making sure that the experience is really good. This is happening across all these different brands.

What we do at Signal is we’ve kind of figured out a way to … No matter how that customer comes in and has an interaction with that brand, we’re able to kind of tie all these things together so at any point, the brand actually has this cohesive view of the customer, so they’re able to for instance say, “Ah. Okay. Now I get it. Now I see my customer’s journey. I know what the best way is to reach them in the lifecycle.”

We give them the tools to actually understand that profile. But then, we actually give them the ability to instantly take action on that, to instantly say, “Okay, this is the right kind of way I can reach the customer” or personalize the content or whatever that is. At Signal, what we’ve done is we’ve built that whole infrastructure from collecting those customer touch points all the way to activating. By doing that, that’s why the brands have found us to be so valuable.

In 2017, you can’t have a B2C marketing strategy without a marketing technology strategy. And, to be frank, CMOs are hard-pressed to keep up with the demands of their high-tech, high-touch customers: Demands for individually-relevant personalization. Seamless cross-channel experiences. The internet of things. Just to name a few.

To deliver on these demands, brands need a customer identity solution. Put simply, brands must be able to:

  • Continuously recognize their customers in any channel, at any touchpoint,


  • Read each customer’s intent signals in real time and deliver an individually-relevant marketing response in an instant.

Signal works directly with brands that really want to have a deep connection with their customers. A lot of these brands face similar problems with the proliferation of marketing channels and consumer devices. They’ve introduced mobile apps and other new ways of interacting with consumers, and they’re having a hard time keeping up with their customers and making sure they’re delivering the right message at the right time.

Signal has figured out how to create a cohesive view of the customer, integrating customer actions across channels and devices. So the brand can say, “Now I get it. Now I see my customer’s journey. I can see the best way to reach them.”

We give brands the tools to build in-depth profiles of individual customers. The ability to then recognize desired customers and to instantly take action to deliver the ideal, personalized content and offers to them.

At Signal, we’ve built the whole infrastructure from collecting the customer data all the way to activating marketing. That’s why brands who work with us have found Signal to be so valuable.

Originally published April 18, 2017

Eric Lunt

Eric Lunt is Signal's CTO and co-founder. Before joining Signal, he was co-founder and CTO of Feedburner, which Google acquired in 2007. A Chicago native, Eric graduated from Princeton University with a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering and a Certificate in Applied Computational Mathematics.

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