How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2016

As digital marketers prepare to ring in the New Year, 2016 goals and strategies begin to materialize. But with the continued proliferation of channels, devices, apps, platforms and toolsets, where should marketers put their focus?

At Signal, our digital experts and thought leaders are at the forefront of emerging technology; they work closely with leading brand marketers and media agencies on a daily basis to help them solve data-driven challenges, assemble a unified view of the customer, engage addressable audiences, and meet their marketing goals. This gives them a unique vantage point to assess the current industry landscape and look beyond into the imminent transformation that lies ahead.

Marketing strategies took a big turn in 2015 when the concept of people-based marketing took hold. In short, as consumers demand more immediate gratification and personalized experiences, marketers were seeking ways to reach them with customized messages in real time wherever they are, across devices and throughout their journey. This underlying strategy will continue through 2016, opening up exciting new opportunities as well as new challenges for marketers as they discover limitations within their own data and technology platforms.

A siloed view of data, closed-loop marketing platforms, ad-blocking and cookie-less mobile environments are just some of those challenges. While marketers have already taken notice of the obstacles that stand in their way, 2016 will be the year that solutions and technology to overcome those barriers will evolve and gain acceptance. In short:

  • The realization of first-party data and the prospect of second-party data will dictate technology strategies for both advertisers that use it and the digital giants that oftentimes control how they do so
  • Advertisers and publishers will not only have to get creative with how they can make their data work harder, but they will have to make some tough choices about what that means and the partners they choose
  • New leaders will emerge within organizations that value data-driven marketing solutions and understand the benefits that can help reshape entire businesses

Status quo will not do in today’s fast-moving environment and choosing the right data and technology partners to help bring marketing visions to fruition will be the tipping point for successful marketing in 2016.

For a closer look at what Signal’s technology and marketing experts predict for 2016, and how you can address these topics in your marketing plans, download our new white paper “How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2016.” Find out what marketers really need to know to be ahead of the trends.

Originally published December 14, 2015

Marc Kiven

As an industry veteran and the founder of Signal, Marc Kiven has a wealth of digital marketing expertise from senior executive roles at aQuantive (Avenue A | Razorfish and Atlas), Right Media and Centro. Marc serves as a director on the Signal board, is an active participant in the IAB and also a frequent speaker at digital marketing events including OMMA, DMA and TechWeek.

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