Cross-channel marketing: it’s an organizational issue, too

Achieving true cross-channel marketing is as much about managing organizational change as it is working through technical complexity. Signal’s platform gives you the robust technical solution to work with your data to enable real-time marketing, and our consultative approach to client service addresses the operational side of your business, as well.

From day one, our clients are matched with an account manager to learn their business, guide them through their initial implementation, and stay engaged to make sure their solution continues to meet their evolving needs. Signal’s Client Services team aids our clients in navigating their organizations: helping to break down silos, create internal alignment, and drive real value across the enterprise.

When it comes to cross-channel data collection and activation, it can be daunting to know where to begin.

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of your Signal launch:

  • Create a pilot. Focus on early wins and keep the initial launch project in scope. Use your pilot to gain insights for your full implementation. All of these are natural places to begin:
    • Do you have any campaigns that would benefit from more robust targeting data?
    • Do you have any immediate data gaps in your existing channels?
    • Are you missing entire channels altogether?
    • Do you have any obvious data collection inefficiencies that are creating disconnects with your customers?
  • Define KPIs. With a pilot in mind, how will you measure success? Communicate these goals to us and we can help ensure your integration is designed with the target results in mind. Do you need a control group? Do you need additional variables added to your analytics platform to support your analysis? We will help you identify these questions and answers. Be sure to loop in your participating vendors, too, as they will also make contributions.
  • Define roles. Our most successful accounts are those who use a cross-functional approach to data collection. Identify a team of power users that represents both business owners and technical owners. Use your pilot to test your workflow and plan to adapt it along the way.
  • Lay the groundwork. Rally your organization by creating a culture of evangelism and education around Signal from the start. Consider scheduling an internal roadshow: we will work alongside you to introduce your teams to the possibilities of the platform. Reach out to your vendor partners and ask for their involvement–we often find that once our client’s partners understand the capabilities of the platform, they will bring innovative ideas and unique considerations for how to leverage cross channel data within their specific platforms.

Signal’s Client Services team has deep backgrounds in data and analytics, digital media, cross-channel marketing, and tag management. We love helping our clients gain control of their data, so they can act on that data in real time, across any channel. With our account managers’ commitment and knowledge of how to get the most out of your marketing stack, we can help you drive real results. Providing our clients with strategies to prepare their own organization for change is part of our expertise. Let us know how we can help.


Originally published July 25, 2014

Kelly Davis

Kelly leads Signal’s Client Services team to meet the needs of its clients, and has shaped its reputation for exceptional client support.

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