Infographic: How Silos Hinder Ability to Capitalize on Big Data

Complexity has become the norm for enterprise marketers, who now juggle an average of 12 different toolsets, according to an illuminating new study from Winterberry Group. “Complicated” is an understatement for the nearly 10% of marketers who regularly work with a staggering 31 or more tools.

The problem isn’t just the number of tools, though: it’s that the tools don’t talk to each other, and that marketers can’t see everything they need to at once. They lack a unified view of the customer. So the data from your website isn’t linked to the data from your mobile app, and you don’t yet know that a customer just made a big purchase in your physical store. You might even think those actions were taken by three different people, when in fact they were all engagements with your brand by one loyal customer.

We created the infographic below to illustrate the data challenges that marketers confront everyday—and three steps they can make to reclaim control of their data.

Originally published February 05, 2015

Laurel Wamsley

Laurel Wamsley was the Marketing and Communications Manager at Signal, and the editor of Signal's blogs. She worked previously at the University of Chicago, Rackspace, and NPR.

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