Infographic: What Marketers Need to Know to Address Digital Marketing in 2016

In the New Year, as marketers fine tune their marketing strategies around known customers and their actual behaviors, more awareness of the challenges associated with these people-based marketing strategies will surface. Marketers now understand that the tactics and platforms of years past cannot all identify and keep up with today’s on-the-go consumer or deliver on closed-loop attribution to continuously enhance profiles. This realization will lead to a new year of exploration, collaboration and evolving technologies that meet their demands.

The digital experts and thought leaders at Signal have compiled their predictions on how digital marketing will change in 2016 and what marketers need to know to address these needs. The predictions are based on Signal’s work with leading brand marketers and media agencies and the data and technology solutions built to help meet their marketing goals.

Here is a recap of their 2016 digital marketing predictions:

Today’s fast-moving customer demands a continuous, personalized experience across devices and channels. The brands that can keep up will come out on top, and choosing the right data and technology partners to help bring this vision to fruition will be the tipping point for successful marketing in 2016.

A partner like Signal can help solve first-party data collection, cross-channel identity resolution, data onboarding and activation – all in one platform. Other point solutions simply aren’t built to collectively address these challenges, and cannot be customized to keep pace with consumers. Signal’s technology integrates cross-channel data collection, identity management, and activation functions and collapses the execution to seconds. With one data taxonomy and zero hand-offs between providers, Signal simplifies the process and clears roadblocks so consumer engagement occurs within hours of recognition, which is crucial to keep pace with today’s consumer.

For a closer look at what Signal’s technology and marketing experts predict for 2016, and how you can address these topics in your marketing plans, download our new white paper “How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2016 – What Marketers Need to Know Now.”


Originally published December 22, 2015

Marc Kiven

As an industry veteran and the founder of Signal, Marc Kiven has a wealth of digital marketing expertise from senior executive roles at aQuantive (Avenue A | Razorfish and Atlas), Right Media and Centro. Marc serves as a director on the Signal board, is an active participant in the IAB and also a frequent speaker at digital marketing events including OMMA, DMA and TechWeek.

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