3 Foolproof Tricks to Identify Your Customers This Halloween

Every day is Halloween for brands who can’t recognize their customers.

Failing to identify customers across devices and channels is like failing to identify Halloween revelers obscured behind masks and makeup. If you don’t know who you’re engaging, you have no context for interaction, and the conversation inevitably takes a frightful turn.

But every day is Nov. 1 for brands who embrace continuous identity resolution. The masks come off, and the world snaps into focus — clarity that marketers can leverage to relate and respond to customers as unique individuals with expectations, priorities and demands all their own.

So don’t get spooked by Halloween — celebrate it. Follow these foolproof tricks to see through any disguise and deliver profoundly personal experiences that treat your customer… and your bottom line.

Trick: Onboard past purchase behaviors to target individuals with relevant offers.

Treat: Customer spend increases.

Trick: Capture activity continuously from all brand touchpoints for instantaneous segmentation and omnichannel ad delivery.

Treat: Cross-channel conversions improve.

Trick: Build identity asset on persistent profiles to maintain the customer relationship from season to season.

Treat: Customer retention soars.

Hungry for more identity insights? Check out the Signal webinar “5 Things Marketers Must Do to Master Identity Resolution,” featuring Joe Stanhope, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester.

Originally published October 31, 2017

Jason Ankeny

Jason Ankeny was formerly Signal's Director of Content Marketing.

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