How Signal Helps ShopSocially Drive Deeper Customer Engagement for Leading Retailers

gI_69986_ShopSocially-with-bag-punchline1Last week, Signal spent time with Jai Rawat, the CEO of ShopSocially, to learn more about how his company is transforming the way online retailers think about social media and marketing.

Silicon Valley-based ShopSocially offers an array of fun and creative apps such as Get-a-Fan, Ask-a-Friend, and Share-and-Save, which are used by top retailers to encourage customers to share information about products and purchases with other online shoppers. Consumers can even use the apps to consult friends for buying advice while browsing items on the Web.

The company’s platform enables retailers to seamlessly embed these social experiences into their websites so they can acquire Facebook fans, social reviews and more, including richer customer profiles and enhanced SEO rankings.

When ShopSocially needed a partner capable of instantly collecting client data and sharing it with vendors in real time, the company turned to Signal.

Partnering with Signal makes it easy for us to safely and securely share data with trusted partners, without the need to write additional code or wait for IT support,” Rawat said. “Signal enables ShopSocially and our retail partners to drive deeper customer engagement and improve return on ad spend.”

Today, ShopSocially is used by leading brands such as Bluefly, HBO, NBC Universal, OfficeMax, Showtime, Target and more, serving nearly 1.5 million app impression requests each day. A number of ShopSocially clients are also Signal clients.

To make data connectivity a snap for its clients, ShopSocially recently joined our fast-growing Signal Certified Partner Program, which builds seamless interactions between marketers and their technology providers.

It’s a win-win for ShopSocially and its clients. Signal provides ShopSocially with a solution that enables data access from websites, mobile and beyond, while gathering detailed information about customers’ interests and interactions. Meanwhile, ShopSocially’s retail clients are confident in knowing that they have real-time access to the data and tools they need to plan, execute and analyze successful social campaigns.

Another great example of how Signal’s technology is freeing marketers from IT cycles, while fueling strong interactions and innovative marketing campaigns across the data ecosystem.

Originally published March 07, 2014

Carol Jouzaitis

Carol Jouzaitis was previously VP, Analyst Relations at Signal.

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