Introducing Behind the Buzzwords: Real-Time Marketing

We’re all guilty of it sometimes: using catchy buzzwords to describe what our product or service does, while our interlocutor’s eyes glaze over. And here at Signal, it just so happens that some of those buzzwords describe exactly what we do: We collect, connect, and manage cross-channel data, in real time. You could even call some of the data we manage big data, and it all lives in the cloud.

While these phrases are accurate, they aren’t much help if you don’t know what we mean when we use them. Not to mention that many marketers use the same terms to describe very different things. If only there was a guide to these terms, to cut through the noise….

Well, now there is. Introducing Behind the Buzzwords, our new guides to what key terms in digital marketing really mean, so that you can better differentiate between solutions on the market and use the right strategies to power your brand’s marketing.

Our first installment digs into Real-Time Marketing. What is it? How is real-time marketing different from social media marketing? And where does real-time bidding fit in? We also look at why brands are increasingly committed to marketing in real time, and the technologies and approaches that can help marketers make the most of the powerful use cases made possible by real-time marketing.

So read this helpful guide and become a real-time expert—and let us know in the comments which buzzwords you want us to reveal next!

Originally published March 20, 2015

Laurel Wamsley

Laurel Wamsley was the Marketing and Communications Manager at Signal, and the editor of Signal's blogs. She worked previously at the University of Chicago, Rackspace, and NPR.

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