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Millennials are a hot topic these days.  Not only are they the largest generation with a population size of 77 million, surpassing even Baby Boomers.   They are also the most diverse, informed and digitally connected generation, according to new report from Experian Marketing Services called “Millennials come of age.”

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Millennials (the generation aged 18 to 34 in 2014) are true digital natives: they spend 14.5 hours each week texting, talking and accessing social media on their smartphone, more than any other generation, Alex Schumacher, vice president of marketing, Experian Marketing Services, tells Media Post’s Marketing Daily.   More interesting facts:

  • 50% of Millennial smartphone owners say that they access the Internet more often through their phone than through a computer.
  • Millennial are the first generation to devote the majority of their media time with digital media, spending 35 hours a week with digital media and 32 hours a week with traditional media.

“Marketers should be aware of the changing expectations of their customers as the Millennial generation enters peak adult spending years,” Schumacher said. “Millennials are omni-channel consumers with mobile being their primary channel of choice. Given that this is a generational reality, marketers should be accelerating their investments in creating and integrating brand experiences incorporating mobile by design.”

Now is the time to start tailoring your marketing to Millennials by developing the capability to engage with your customers wherever they are, while delivering one-on-one experiences on-the-fly.

This involves two key capabilities: First, the ability to go beyond the web browser to understand customer behavior across the web, mobile, offline and beyond.  And second, being able to act on that cross-channel data in real-time to drive interactions at the level of speed and personalization these digital natives have come to expect.

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Originally published July 10, 2014

Carol Jouzaitis

Carol Jouzaitis was previously VP, Analyst Relations at Signal.

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