MediaCom Revs Up Data Collection for a Global Automaker

HTFileIs there a media agency out there that doesn’t consider managing clients’ tags a giant time-suck?

Media agencies typically manage their clients’ website analytics, and they depend on tags to collect site data and measure the success of marketing campaigns. But in the rapidly expanding digital marketing ecosystem there are hundreds of marketing vendors that each have their own tags, which they want to add to clients’ sites to facilitate their applications and solutions.

This jungle of tags slows down page-load times, complicates new marketing campaigns, impairs the consumer experience, and frustrates marketer and IT alike. Trying to launch a new media campaign is like slogging through quicksand: emails get sent, meetings get scheduled, excuses are made, changes are finally added to a massive work queue, and maybe a live roll-out is scheduled for another three or four months down the road.

It’s an all too common scenario in the agency world. At best, it’s no fun. But at worst, it blocks agile marketing and threatens the efficacy of campaigns.

Consider the challenge faced by MediaCom – agency of record for one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers – whose marketing team works with 17 different agencies spread across two continents. The task of managing the automaker’s tags was consuming too much time and attention, so MediaCom chose Signal to streamline and centralize its digital data collection.

Why Signal? We don’t want to toot our own horn, but Tag Inspector recently named Signal the most popular tag management system in the automotive industry. After using its technology to scan U.S. websites of major automakers, Tag Inspector declared BrightTag the hands-down winner – chosen four to one over competing tag management providers.

“Signal exceeded all of our expectations, and its solution is a snap to use,” said Priya Goel, Senior Analyst, Insights & Analytics, MediaCom. With Signal, MediaCom can deploy tags instantly and implement digital campaigns for the automaker faster than ever before. In addition, the agency was able to streamline and reduce the number of tags on the client’s site for improved performance and a better overall user experience.

Interested in learning how Signal enables MediaCom to focus on creating great campaigns instead of troubleshooting tags? We invite you to download the free case study and read the press release.

Originally published April 15, 2014

Carol Jouzaitis

Carol Jouzaitis was previously VP, Analyst Relations at Signal.

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