Signal’s Platform Powers Yahoo! Japan’s Next-Gen DMP

In 2012, Signal and Yahoo! Japan began what has become a very fruitful partnership. The success of this relationship is the subject of a new article on AdExchanger “Yahoo Japan Has No Interest In Being A Walled Garden” that  explores the unrivaled nationwide reach of Yahoo! Japan, as the company takes a very different tack from the walled gardens found in the U.S.

As Japan’s largest web portal by a wide margin, Yahoo! Japan sets itself apart with an advanced DMP that is open, real-time, and driven by first-party data—and it’s all built on Signal’s open data platform. As Allison Schiff writes at AdExchanger,

Signal conducts data matching against its deterministic identity graph to link cross-channel activity and create anonymous profiles around first- and third-party identifiers. Because it’s an open platform, advertisers are able to access those profiles at will and use the insights to inform their marketing strategies elsewhere.

Yahoo! Japan reaches 88% of Japan’s internet population. With that sort of market influence in the world’s third-largest economy, Yahoo! Japan certainly has a lot of data—and the company uses Signal to collect, connect, and activate that data, all within milliseconds. Signal provides the technological backbone for Yahoo! Japan as it serves millions of customers, tens of thousands of brands, and hundreds of vendors throughout the ecosystem.

To extend its cross-channel data collection infrastructure to span data matching and onboarding, segmentation, and activation, Yahoo! Japan leveraged Signal’s platform. Signal helped the company build the first DMP in the world with the ability to merge historical data with real-time data based on intent-driven events, enabling marketers to execute sophisticated segmentation strategies and activate them across every type of media.

Signal’s partnership with Yahoo! Japan is proof that Signal’s technology can meet the needs of modern marketers at enormous scale, and it has worked out very well for both companies.

“Signal has been a key strategic partner in the realization of Yahoo! JAPAN’s ambitious vision for a seamless, truly connected data economy,” says Toru Takata, SVP and Chief Product Officer at YJ’s Marketing Solutions Company. “We are operating in a real-time, always-on environment at a scale that has never been previously achieved.”

Service and support have been key to the success of this partnership, Takata tells us. “Signal is committed to a service-oriented culture and approach that helps us meet our company’s goals and take our client offerings to the next level and beyond.”

Addressing the real-time needs of real people is the new battleground for advertisers. Signal is powering real-time, people-based marketing at the scale of an entire country—and we’re excited to bring this same powerful technology to brands and publishers around the world.

To learn how to get more value from your first-party data and reach your customers at scale through people-based marketing, read our guide “How to Create a True Single Customer View.

Originally published September 15, 2015

Laurel Wamsley

Laurel Wamsley was the Marketing and Communications Manager at Signal, and the editor of Signal's blogs. She worked previously at the University of Chicago, Rackspace, and NPR.

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