Signal Cited in 2019 Gartner Digital Marketing and Advertising Report

Digital marketing and customer relationships are constantly evolving, and marketers looking for innovative strategies to distinguish themselves and provide genuine customer experiences can feel overwhelmed with the proliferation of technology choices available.

Enter: Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising, 2019, which prioritizes the key technologies that marketers need to provide the omnichannel, personalized interactions that customers demand. In this year’s Hype Cycle, Gartner predicts event-triggered and real-time marketing as strategies that will have the most impact in the next five years, including identity resolution

According to the report, “marketers should look to identity resolution to facilitate consistent customer experiences and advertising performance.” Gartner defines identity resolution as the means to identify consumers and improve customer experience, advertising and analytics across multiple channels and devices. 

It also holds this technology with great promise and a positive outlook as marketing objectives shift toward customer retention, people-based marketing and the utilization of first-party data.

Signal is cited as a Sample Vendor for identity resolution in this year’s Hype Cycle. As brands look to adopt and implement an identity resolution technology, Gartner offers three key pieces of advice:

  1. Prioritize “those related to first-party channels and known customers…and avoid the temptation to collect all possible data, and instead look at how what you collect can be used in practice.”
  2. Establish a framework that analyzes customer data, prospect data, relationships with identity providers and technologies that you plan to use for your identity resolution campaign.
  3. Be transparent regarding your privacy policies and strive to obtain explicit consent, if possible. Partner with data protection agencies to ensure the protection of your customer data.

With the right strategy in place, Gartner states that identity resolution can “power more effective multichannel engagement, improve targeting and creative tactics…and help marketers emulate the ‘people-based marketing’ power of platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon.”

As more forward-thinking marketers and brands begin to take advantage of the many benefits this technology can offer, the time to consider an identity resolution strategy is now.

Originally published July 25, 2019

Jen Bassik

Jen is Signal’s Director of Product Strategy, leveraging a background in product and integrated marketing to define, build and launch the company’s newest data onboarding products. Before joining Signal, Jen led product marketing teams at Centro; she previously helmed strategy and planning efforts at Burson Cohn & Wolfe, running GTM campaigns in the digital, content and experiential marketing spaces.

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