Signal’s Tag Management feature is now free

Today Signal has taken another big step in helping marketers reach the coveted unified view of the customer, by announcing the availability of free tag management functionality to our Fuse customers. Read the press release here.

That means that when our customers purchase Fuse, our world-leading enterprise TMS will be included for free. This is an exciting and powerful tool for brands that undertake their cross-channel journey with Signal.

Why are we giving away such excellent functionality at no cost? At Signal, we’re committed to removing obstacles to cross-channel marketing. We believe that access to enterprise-class tag management should never hinder a brand’s cross-channel goals of providing seamless, cohesive experiences to always-on, multi-device customers.

Tag management is a feature that Signal provides to customers within our real-time, cross-channel platform. Clients that purchase Fuse will be given access to base tag management functionality within the Fuse Data Hub at no extra charge.

“We’re proud that our enterprise-class, tag management offering has become the world’s most popular service for helping marketers get their web data under control,” said Marc Kiven, Signal Founder and Chief Revenue Officer. “Our free tag management model has met with unprecedented success in Asia, where an average of 300 brands a week are adopting our technology.”

“At Signal, we have an unwavering commitment to providing a world-class solution that liberates marketers from the pain points associated with third-party tags,” Kiven added. “For marketers, the larger goal is providing seamless, cohesive experiences to their always-on, multi-device customers. As brands focus on cross-channel marketing activities, we believe that access to enterprise-class tag management should never be an obstacle to reaching those goals.”

Signal Fuse customers: go forth and tag!

Originally published March 10, 2015

Laurel Wamsley

Laurel Wamsley was the Marketing and Communications Manager at Signal, and the editor of Signal's blogs. She worked previously at the University of Chicago, Rackspace, and NPR.

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