Signal’s Advisory Board: A Forum for Deepening Relationships and Helping Clients Drive Results

I’m delighted Signal is forming an Advisory Board and thrilled to be named chairman. For years, I’ve admired the company, its team and track record of innovation.

Speaking of innovation, this Advisory Board is unique. It’s designed to help Signal customers create new economic and strategic value for their organizations. Of course, input on future Signal products is important, but we really want to facilitate candid conversation across all the issues affecting our clients’ ability to drive results: consumerism, agility, complexity, transparency, accountability, alignment, culture, and skills, all of which are being profoundly reshaped by technology.

The Advisory Board is about much more than product input; it is a safe zone for senior marketing execs to get underneath their most important issues. As a CMO, I really valued small forums that encouraged dialog with my peers. I always came away with a new perspective, idea or relationship that I could put to work. I envision the Signal Advisory Board as enabling that for its members.

The Board’s agenda is prioritized by its members, but we envision topics like:

  • Achieving economic and strategic alignment across the business
  • Organizational design and skills transformation
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • Building transformational capabilities
  • Fostering conviction to change, brand and purpose.

I know from experience that marketers wrestle with these challenges. I’m confident the Advisory Board represents a fresh and valuable resource to help support Signal clients accelerate and amplify business impact. It’s a bold mandate, and I can’t wait to get started.

Originally published August 29, 2016

Tim Suther

Tim Suther is Chairman of the Signal Advisory Board. He previously was Managing Director, JPMorganChase; Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer for Acxiom; Senior Vice President at Metavante; and president of Protagona Worldwide. He has been named a ExecRank Top CMO, CMO Club President’s Circle Award winner, and one of the Nifty 50 in Technology.

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