How True Partners Collaborate in the Ecosystem

Marketing today requires the orchestration of multiple technologies.

Signal’s Certified Partner program is focused on making the complexities of integrating and managing those technologies simpler, faster, and more effective. Our clients’ usage of industry-leading marketing and analytics vendors has been deeply enhanced and in some cases, completely enabled by, integration with the Signal Open Data Platform.

We recognize that our clients’ data is one of their most valuable assets for maximizing marketing ROI, and that’s why we built an extensive Partner Program to ensure that all first-party data can easily and confidently be collected and distributed throughout the marketing ecosystem.

Signal bases the program’s approach to achieving success with integrations on two key insights:

  1. No one knows a vendor’s code better than the vendor.
  2. Digital marketing and analytics code will continuously evolve as vendors build new features and functions for more advanced uses of their products.

These notions have shaped the Signal integration process, and they highlight the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Building Together

Effective integrations don’t happen by chance; they are the result of significant planning and effort. We find it is most efficient and effective to work with vendors hand-in-hand through our integration development process. These steps equip the engineering teams at both the partner and at Signal with extensive knowledge of each other’s product, and further ensure the stability and strength of our integration technology and relationships:

  • Signal Education: We’ve seen great value in educating the vendors we work with on tag management and data collection, then giving an overview of Signal’s technology and a demo of our platform.
  • Pre-Scheduled co-testing: Once a vendor is in our development queue, we establish multiple testing sessions where we execute testing live with the vendor’s engineering team. This ensures unified QA, on-demand adjustments and edits, and verification that our integrations are fully evaluated.
  • Integration Education: Once a partner is part of our integration catalog, our dedicated integration specialists create documentation specific to that vendor’s technology to circulate to their account and sales teams. We conduct on-site partner sessions to further educate their teams about data collection and the unique position Signal has in the marketplace.

Signal is the data hub for thousands of brands across the web. One of the strongest dimensions of service we offer is the activation of hundreds of digital marketing vendor activation points within our platform—which enables our customers to turn their data into fully utilized marketing assets.

Originally published August 20, 2014

Kelly Miller

Kelly is the Senior Vice President of Audience Trust Operations and Partnerships at Signal.

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