The relationship between brands and customers continues to grow closer… and more complex. Make no mistake: Your customers want to hear from you, and they want to engage on a more personal basis. But their expectations for meaningful, contextually relevant interactions have never been higher — and if your brand doesn’t consistently meet or exceed those expectations, consumers will find a rival brand that does.

Next-level engagement hinges on understanding and meeting customer needs in that precise moment. Whether it’s passing along a promotional offer or product recommendation based on a consumer’s established interests and preferences, or suppressing messages that don’t matter to her at all, onboarding and activating data in real time is the only way to know for certain what she wants, and how to act accordingly.

In this one-hour webinar, Marketing in the Moment: How Real-Time Data Keeps Brands in Lockstep with Customers, Forrester VP/Principal Analyst Brendan Witcher and Signal EVP/Chief Identity Officer Joe Doran explore the essential role that strategic, sophisticated data onboarding and activation play in addressing and satisfying customer demand at critical moments along the path to purchase. You’ll learn:

  • How snail-paced data onboarding dooms marketing to irrelevance
  • How off-target messages erode return on ad spend and customer goodwill
  • How activating media to restricted customers puts brands at risk


Originally published June 14, 2019

Joe Doran

A seasoned executive with 20 years of experience at companies including General Mills, Microsoft, Media6Degrees (now Dstillery) and Rallyverse, Joe is dedicated to creating technology solutions that make digital marketing more addressable, scalable and efficient. He was formerly Chief Identity Officer at Signal.

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