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Neil Joyce:
A brand, a publisher or an agency should choose signal for two very, very big reasons. One, we are the business that allows you to get closer to your customers than you’ve ever done before.

We aren’t dependent upon digital technology, offline technology. We’re about putting the customer and identity at the heart of all of your engagement. With Signal, we help you remain in control.

Marc Kiven:
There’s no guessing. The future of marketing doesn’t allow for guessing. The consumer is going to call out the marketers that guess and quite honestly the marketers that guess will be the ones that lose.

Blane Sims:
If you don’t have an up-to-the-second view of who I am or what I’m trying to accomplish right now, you’re missing an opportunity to engage with me in this moment. I might be making a decision right now about what to buy or about whether to stay with you as a brand or maybe to move on other another offer that I have. If you can’t identify me and understand who I am and what I might be up to, then you’re going to miss that critical moment of being able to engage me right now.

Neil Joyce:
Signal allows you to connect in realtime with customers and identify them with the most relevant offers or messages that drive more value and then ultimately more money out of that wallet.

Why Signal?

Two reasons.

1. Get closer to your customers than ever before.

Signal’s enterprise-wide customer identity solution enables you to:

  • Recognize your customers at critical moments in the buyer journey.
  • Understand their needs through a real-time view of the customer’s history with the brand.
  • Engage them with relevant content and offers.
  • Drive more value for customers — and increase their spending.

2. Keep control of your customer relationships.

  • With Signal, you aren’t guessing who your customers are and what they’re doing. You know.
  • You own your identity graph. You can take it anywhere. Use it for any internal application and with any external vendor you choose. And do it all in a privacy-safe way, without ever releasing personally identifiable information (PII) to Signal or any other vendor.

“If you don’t have an up-to-the-second view of who I am, you’re missing an opportunity to engage with me in this moment,” says Blane Sims, Chief Innovation Officer at Signal. “I might be making a decision right now about what to buy, or whether to stay with you as a brand, or maybe move on to another offer I have. If you can’t identify me, then you’re going to miss the critical moment in which you could deepen my engagement with your brand.”

When Signal talks about “identity,” that doesn’t just mean knowing someone’s email address, age and gender. It means knowing whether Blane, in his example, is one of your high-value customers, having purchased items in three of the 30 product categories you sell and having a CLV in the top 10% of your customer base. Or, as another example, whether he’s someone who has browsed your site several times but hasn’t purchased yet, either online or in-store. It means having a robust view of each individual customer’s past and present behaviors, online and offline, and being able to activate in-the-moment marketing at the 1:1 level with any vendor of your choosing.

More than 10,000 brands around the world choose Signal. Don’t let your brand miss any more critical moments.

Originally published June 01, 2017

Neil Joyce

Neil previously led Signal’s global sales and business development efforts. Based in Chicago, Joyce has 15 years of experience spanning the digital marketing ecosystem in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. Neil has held key management positions at IBM, Acxiom and BrightEdge.

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