Unlock the Power of Your First Party Data

Signal’s platform enables brands to use the data they already own to more accurately understand the customer journey to personalize marketing messages and transform insight into business value. Signal leverages real time data collection, hosts and maintains a dynamic brand identity graph and unifies profiles to enrich customer knowledge and open up new opportunities for brand engagements.

Platform Capabilities

signal customer intelligence platform flow chart

Tag Management

First-party data collection and integration through highly flexible and customizable tag deployed on a brand’s owned and operated websites.

Data Collection

API-enabled data collection supporting mobile SDKs and server-to-server integrations. Data onboarding to build brand identity graph.

Rules Engine

Create rules based on customer actions such as form submissions, items in cart, or visits to site, to trigger data collection and automatic audience segmentation. Unify data around a persistent customer identifier.

Data Distribution

Endpoint connectivity via integrations with social ad networks, DSPs, analytics and optimization partners. Ability to deliver raw data feed of log files back to brand.

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