Every customer engagement with your brand is a signal.

From online behaviors to offline customer attributes, Signal gives you the ability to structure, collect and organize your first-party data to deliver addressable marketing to your customer, while building a cross-channel, persistent customer profile as a foundation for insight and activation.

Tag Management

Signal’s technology is deeply rooted in lightweight, real-time data collection. For over 10 years, our clients have leveraged the Signal Javascript tag to execute data collection strategies that revolve around identity elements and attributes that enable the continuous creation of robust persistent customer profiles.

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Onboarding & Activation

With Signal, powering efficient and effective campaigns that drive conversions is as simple as customizing your segments, mapping your data and connecting the endpoints. Improve the relevance of your customers’ experiences by using your customer data to power addressable media campaigns.

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Data Services

Signal empowers brands and agencies to collect, connect and synchronize cross-channel customer data in real time, from websites, mobile devices, email, ad placements, point of sale, CRM, call center, kiosks and more, enabling smarter, more relevant omni-channel marketing experiences that improve engagement, conversion and loyalty.

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Your data speaks volumes.

Are you listening?