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Customer intelligence for brands.

    Signal connects real-time actions across channels and devices with a persistent customer ID. By integrating your customer data from all touchpoints into a single customer profile, you gain intelligence about the entire buyer journey, not just one part of it, to improve overall marketing performance.


    Map the Customer Journey

    Discover the different steps that customers take on their path to conversion as well as the order in which they take them. Segment and optimize for different journeys to guide behaviors that lead to conversion.

    Omnichannel Recognition

    See how a customer moved from an email to a website to a mobile app before completing the purchase offline, in store. Or, recognize an offline buyer that comes to your website, even if they aren’t logged in.

    Real-Time Audience Segmentation

    A complete solution for advanced segmentation using live customer data — based on what customers are doing right now in any channel or on any device. Capture behavioral and engagement triggers as they happen to add or remove customers from marketing campaigns.

    Dynamic Profile Enrichment

    Connect real-time actions and onsite behavior to known customers in your CRM for a deeper understanding and the ability to act on insights in the moment. 




    Collect and connect customer engagement data from walled gardens and channel silos. Append attributes and actions to a single customer profile to target and message with relevance.

    Many to One

    Store multiple ID types in a single profile such as a customer ID, hashed email, and analytics ID.

    Data Feed

    Receive a data feed containing behavioral events tied to a persistent customer ID, delivered back to you for data queries or modeling.

    Data Services Resources


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    How to Build a Brand Identity Graph

    Take ownership of your graph and build cross-channel persistent profiles.


    What’s Your Data Collection Strategy?

    When it comes to customer data, more doesn’t always mean better. Make sure you have a sound strategy in place to avoid an expensive mistake.

    Every customer engagement with your brand is a signal.

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