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    The speed at which you onboard and activate customer data makes the difference between delivering experiences customers want — or outdated and irrelevant messages they want to ignore. Signal’s continuous onboarding and real-time media activation allows you to target the right people at the right time, reducing ad waste while dramatically increasing the relevance of your advertising.

    man going through scannerRetention & Loyalty

    Power intelligent interactions with your most valuable audience–your existing customers. Drive repeat purchases by precisely reaching and reactivating lapsed customers.


    Data Onboarding Explained

    Is your marketing 1:1, or one-and-done? Why most onboarding vendors are wasting time and money


    Sometimes, less is more. Engage the right customers at the right moments while suppressing duplicate and outdated audiences — optimizing engagement and your ad spend.


    Suppression Explained

    Risks of activating media to restricted customers and snail-paced data onboarding dooms marketing.

    How Onboarding Works with Signal





    Offline customer data, e.g. from a CRM or ESP, is ingested via file upload or API integration.




    Offline data is matched to online IDs in a brand’s first-party ID graph to create customer profiles.




    Pick the destination where your profiles will be activated, such as a DSP or social media ad platform. Signal will refresh your segments at one or multiple end points as audience data evolves.

    Activation Destinations:

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    Onboarding & Activation Resources


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    What is data onboarding? Start here for the basics.


    Signal vs. LiveRamp

    How Signal’s solution compares to first-generation onboarders.


    Buyer’s Guide to Data Onboarding

    Learn the key technical capabilities that impact onboarding effectiveness and the top questions to ask when evaluating vendors.

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