Enterprise Tag Management

A single call to Signal instantly integrates every page of your site with any marketing or analytics partner.

    Signal powers data integration for brands and agencies globally. Our Tag Management solution helps marketers, web analysts and agencies establish autonomy from IT development cycles, accelerate the launch of new data-driven initiatives and campaigns while significantly improving website performance.


    Gain Agility and Speed

    Simplify the process of managing tags on your owned properties. Instant integrations means fewer limits on your analytics and marketing. Speed up your website page load times for an optimal user experience.

    Streamline Data Collection

    Rein in the chaos of managing tags and get your analytics and marketing programs moving. Signal Tag Management frees you from the limitations of tags so you spend less time wrangling code and more time innovating.

    Innovate on Your Own Schedule

    Configure and update tags in seconds. Break free from the IT development cycle and manage tags on your own timeline. Our workflow lets you easily manage tags whenever and however you’re ready. Instantly create a tag that you can preview, activate and deactivate, whenever you need to.

    Move Fast, Without Data Loss

    Our server-direct technology passes data to your partners in real-time, trimming the number of tags on your site and stopping data loss in its tracks. It also smartly loads tag code without blocking page content so your users don’t get stuck waiting for slow tags.

    Online Data Collection

    Signal’s technology is flexible. We support pulling data directly from HTML elements, URL query string parameters and first-party cookies. Any data you need from your website, Signal can capture and store, including:


    Behavioral Data

    How a user has interacted with your brand, such as products viewed or items purchased.

    User IDs

    Any data point with a value that is unique to an individual person to help identify the same user across multiple browsers, devices and vendors.

    Device Context

    Implicit information such as the user agent, referer, IP address of a mobile phone or the type of web browser being used.

    Tag Management Resources


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    History of Tags & Tag Management

    Third-party tags for online marketing solutions started out simply enough, but have grown from a few pixels to full-on data chaos.


    Choosing a Tag Management System

    Important considerations to keep in mind when selecting a TMS vendor.

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