Why LiveRamp Customers Love Signal

Meet the LiveRamp competitor that’s redefining data onboarding speed, accuracy and control.

Many vendors have rebranded their products as identity solutions, but only two directly solve the person-level data onboarding, activation and identity resolution use cases foundational to a modern brand’s marketing initiatives:

Signal and LiveRamp.

But brands increasingly are demanding real-time, deterministic data collection, identity resolution and activation to keep up with their customers. First-gen data onboarder LiveRamp simply can no longer meet these challenges…and its customers are taking notice.

These are the top four reasons Signal is a top LiveRamp competitor:


Signal’s data onboarding solution can onboard 100,000 consumer profiles in seconds, and activate millions in under a minute. Brands keep pace with the customer journey, activating or suppressing ads the moment consumers take action.

LiveRamp onboards consumer data via individual batch files, which can take five to seven days from upload to media activation — leaving brands powerless until the process completes, and with stale connections once the data is finally available.


Read more about Signal’s speed advantage in AdExchanger’s article, “The Companies Challenging LiveRamp In Data Onboarding.


While match rates are variable, we look to a metric that matters: addressability. Through Signal’s three-tier data cleansing process, brands address 95% of matched customer profiles to authenticated, known devices for immediate media activation.

LiveRamp can boast high match rates, too, but its days-long processing quickly turns matches into unaddressable, unidentifiable and stale cookie clusters.


Signal’s graph dashboard offers clients total control into how customer data is matched within their identity graph, and how vendors are delivering ads. If that’s not enough, Signal gives clients the ability to extract their customer data on their own, at any time and for any reason.

LiveRamp clients must go through service channels to request reports and insights around their customer data. Without accessing this information in real time, brands can’t properly understand customer behaviors, assess vendor performance and make in-the-moment marketing decisions.


Once brands onboard their first-party data with Signal’s data onboarding solution, new customer signals are continuously collected and activated, giving brands complete visibility into their customers’ journeys and powering seamless connectivity across customer touchpoints.

LiveRamp-exclusive IDs do not collect data continuously. Brands are beholden to LiveRamp’s platform to use their customer data, and they must re-onboard after each campaign just to reach the very same customers, losing visibility and data on any events that happened in between.

Your data speaks volumes.

Are you listening?