Signal’s 2019 Predictions: Marketers Move from Digital-First to Data-First

CHICAGO, IL, December 17, 2018 — As customer engagement evolves, marketing decision makers can no longer depend on experience, intuition and secondhand information to illuminate the path forward. Brand success in 2019 and beyond means advancing from a digital-first philosophy to a data-first mindset that encompasses the customer journey in its totality, says Signal (, a leading provider of real-time customer data onboarding and identity resolution across all devices and channels.

Signal shares its forecast in a new report, “From Digital-First to Data-First: 2019 Marketing Predictions.” Noting that 2018 was a year when many in the industry recognized identity as a pillar of the customer relationship, Signal says that as consumer expectations for personalized experiences continue to increase, marketers will depend more than ever on enhanced, real-time data onboarding and activation to inform their strategies and build unshakeable customer loyalty.

New predictions for 2019 include:

  • Convenience and customization will completely converge: Watch for brands of all shapes and sizes to explore emerging technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, augmented reality, facial recognition) granting consumers unprecedented flexibility and control over how they shop — and delivering marketers unprecedented access into the customer psyche.
  • Onboarding will get sexy: As marketers scramble to deliver real-time personalization at scale, companies will take a closer look at their capabilities for resolving customer identity and achieving a true single view. Ultimately, continuous onboarding will make marketing more personal, which will drive brand loyalty, higher customer lifetime values and better bottom lines.
  • Brands will take back control of their data — and their future: Marketers collect and use customer data every day; it’s the essence of modern-day commercialism. In 2019 and forever after, it will be critical for brands to be completely transparent in their data collection and ensure its ownership and control, or else face scrutiny from industry regulators — and the cold shoulder from customers.
  • Brick and clicks will become better together: It’s clear consumers are still shopping. What’s not always clear, however, is where and how they’re doing it. Customer identity resolution is no longer optional, but absolutely essential for survival. To succeed in 2019, retailers will not question the value of building an integrated customer identity asset — they’ll be celebrating how much revenue it drives, both on and offline.

“Data and identity are the connection point between all customer engagements, online and off, past and present,” said Mike Sands, CEO of Signal. “In 2019, we will see brands prioritizing their data like never before. It’s the decisive factor separating the interactions consumers crave at critical moments from the outdated, irrelevant and overplayed marketing ploys they ignore.”

Download Signal’s full report, “From Digital-First to Data-First: 2019 Marketing Predictions.

Originally published December 17, 2018

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