Transform Customer Engagement With A Digital Intelligence Vision

Vision: The Digital Intelligence Playbook
By James McCormick, Principal Analyst Serving Customer Insights Professionals


The opportunity to engage customers digitally has never been greater — but so is the cost of failing to meet their expectations. Current digital marketing practices are siloed, tactical, and fixated on channel-focused reporting that’s not actionable.


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This report describes Forrester’s vision of digital intelligence: a modern approach to customer intelligence that brands can use to combine interaction insights from existing, new, and emerging channels to enable timely, customer-obsessed decision making.

Report Highlights

Competing for customers across the multitude of mature and emerging digital channels requires levels of sophistication, strategy, and investment that existing digital data and analytics practices can’t deliver.

Modern digital data and analytics practices must give their firms a competitive edge by providing a holistic view of digital customer interactions that informs the continuous optimization of customer experiences.

Digital intelligence practices must be supported by a technology architecture that coordinates many related capabilities within three integrated tiers: digital data management, digital analytics, and experience optimization.


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