How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2016

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In an industry where the only constant is change, our digital experts and thought leaders have weighed in with their predictions and insights on the shifts that will really matter in the New Year.

Top trends include:

  • New people-based marketing strategies
  • Targeting known vs. unknown audiences
  • Countering the ad blockers
  • Closing the mobile data gap
  • Scaling first-party data and identity

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You'll learn:
  • The top eight trends for digital marketing in 2016

    From ad blocking to walled gardens, we’ve got it covered.

  • Action steps for marketers

    Specific actions for how to take advantage of each trend and increase overall ROI.

  • Expert advice for achieving people-based marketing

    How to deliver the seamless, personalized experiences their customers have come to expect with the latest technology advancements.