How To Build A Moments-Based Marketing Ecosystem

March 18, 2020
By Rusty Warner, Forrester VP, Principal Analyst
Serving B2C Marketing Professionals

Consumers today crave – and have come to expect – highly relevant experiences from brands. They want the content that meets their needs at every step of the purchase journey, seamlessly delivered on the device of their choice. To keep pace, brands need to build a marketing technology stack that not only generates insights, but also delivers content and experiences derived from those insights: automatically, and in real-time.

It’s a tall order, but armed with the right technology, some trailblazing marketers are doing it today. In this new report, Forrester shares advice from marketing leaders and lays out a plan for how you can align with consumer trends by investing in technologies that recognize individuals and behaviors across touchpoints to enable customer intelligence and build seamless experiences.


Report Highlights

Customers expect contextually relevant experiences that deliver value in their moments of need. Marketers must understand customer behavior and orchestrate interactions based on customer context.

Assemble an enterprise marketing technology ecosystem that enables you to leverage real-time data to generate insights to automate contextually relevant customer interactions.

Technology alone cannot drive moments-based marketing. You must align your resources and processes with your strategy for customer obsession.


Download the full Forrester report for a roadmap of the operational and technological requirements that will enable you to deliver real-time marketing to your customers.


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