Identity Resolution: A Marketer’s Guide

There is no piece of marketing technology that doesn’t have to deal with the question of identity in some way, shape or form. But until recently, it’s been relegated to the background, a feature of some other platform, leaving brands with massive blind spots, double vision and multiple siloed versions of identity.

Thanks to the evolution of customer identity solutions, marketers can now choose from a new category of identity technology that offers a spectrum of solutions that each play a role in identity resolution. And though this certainly levels the playing field, when it comes to buying an identity solution, there is no “easy” button.

There’s where we come in. Download our identity buying guide to help you navigate the complicated identity landscape and determine what type of solution works best for your brand. Not only do we highlight the six questions you must ask on your RFP, we’ve even included a downloadable RFP template with more than 50 questions in 10 key categories to help jumpstart your search.

  • In this Marketer’s Guide:

    • Learn more about identity resolution and how to use it.
    • Discover why the answers to six RFP questions matter most.
    • Customize your identity RFP with our sample template.