What It Takes to Be a Favorite Retail Brand

We know there’s a high correlation between a brand’s customer experience score and its sales. But what, exactly, do leading retailers like Amazon and Target do differently than their competitors to win the position of “favorite” in their customers’ hearts? In Q1’17, Signal and Digital Ascendant conducted a survey of consumers to find out.

When asked what, specifically, these customer experience leaders do better than other brands, consumers talked about how their favorite retailers make their lives easier with seamless cross-channel experiences (e.g., ordering online and picking up at the store, or vice versa) and how the brand makes them feel understood, valued and rewarded.

Consumers also told us how they reward their favorite retailers, as well as the issues most likely to cause them to quit doing business with a brand.

See study highlights in the infographic below what drives brand loyalty to keep customers returning to their favorite brands time and again, and download the full report, Building Consumer Brand Infatuation