Retail in Real Time

How Identity-Driven Innovation Is Rewriting the Rules of Commerce

Direct-to-consumer brands are transforming the retail landscape. Credit their runaway success to one-on-one consumer interactions unfolding in real time — a marketing revolution rooted in knowing customers from the jump, and leveraging first-party data to develop relationships that grow deeper and richer with each interaction.

The most successful and most disruptive DTC brands have built their entire foundations on identity — in its most basic sense, the connection point between brand/customer engagements, whether online or off, past or present. But the technological mechanisms for identity-based marketing are available to every retailer, not just DTCs — and every retailer stands to benefit massively from making identity the cornerstone of its customer engagement efforts.

Download the eBook Retail in Real Time: How Identity-Driven Innovation Is Rewriting the Rules of Commerce to discover:
    • How customization is converging with convenience to grant consumers unprecedented flexibility and control over how they shop
    • How continuous onboarding drives stronger brand loyalty, higher customer lifetime values and healthier bottom lines
    • How letting customers know what they give up by sharing data (as well as what they get in return) builds the trust essential to any relationship
    • How understanding and serving customer needs at critical moments maximizes campaign impact while minimizing campaign waste
    • Why building an integrated customer identity asset is increasingly imperative as the lines separating physical and digital continue to blur