Case Study: Signal Powers Yahoo! Japan’s DMP

Yahoo! Japan Enables Greater Addressability for Advertisers with Signal’s People-Based Marketing Platform

Yahoo! Japan, one of the world’s top web portals used by 88% of the country’s Internet population, realized the enormous opportunity in sharing its consumer data with advertisers. This leading digital publisher turned to Signal to help it create a next-generation data management platform (DMP) that’s not a walled garden.

Cooperative Data in Action: A Success Story

With more than 42 million people active in a loyalty program, a major financial services company (advertiser) wanted to improve their marketing efforts to their most highly-valued, elite customers. The financial service company already had a rich data set on their customer base inside their CRM system but didn’t have a way to connect this data to their media activities. The first step was to onboard their rich, proprietary first-party data set to Yahoo! JAPAN’s data management platform, powered by Signal. Based on a customer’s loyalty membership level, gender, age, purchase behavior, and similar parameters, the advertiser began to tailor advertising and experience for its customers across Yahoo! JAPAN’s owned and operated properties. The advertiser matched 60% of their customer list to Yahoo! JAPAN’s matching network, comprised of 20,000 advertisers, 900 million devices, 200 million user IDs, 1.5 billion daily segment records, and 20,000 QPS live behavior traffic.

Once the CRM data was onboarded, the data strategy calls for augmenting existing customer information with more dynamic signals from digital channels (for example: most recent purchase or action). To paint a more detailed picture of their customers, the advertiser also relied on bringing in age, gender, and intent data from Yahoo! JAPAN’s data set as well. This rich data set allowed for the creation of highly-specific segments for targeting and activation across all relevant channels. Operationalizing data through the Signal platform and combining data from multiple channels allowed the advertiser to deepen the insights on their most valued customers and understand which marketing activities drive the most return on investment.

The Results

For the advertiser, the value was three-fold — they were able to:

  • reach existing customers vs. unknown visitors
  • improve targeting precision for higher ROI
  • access premium, addressable people-based inventory


For Yahoo! JAPAN, the value centered around:

  • higher CPMs for people-based inventory
  • higher conversions and lower CPAs
  • increased spend due to better performance (300% lift in conversions) for their clients.
Learn More About How Signal helped Yahoo! Japan:
  • Use their own Data

    Leverage the world’s first, open, real-time DMP driven by first-party data.

  • Build an Identity Graph

    Create robust cross-channel consumer profiles through data matching against a deterministic identity graph.

  • Improve Their Reach

    Use real-time data and identity to expand its advertiser’s reach to 16 million potential consumers.

“Signal has been a key strategic partner in the realization of Yahoo! JAPAN’s ambitious vision for a seamless, truly connected data economy. We are operating in a real-time, always-on environment at a scale that has never been previously achieved.”

Toru Takata SVP and Chief Product Officer at YJ’s Marketing Solutions Company